Haunted by the Earl's Touch by Ann Lethbridge

Haunted by the Earl's TouchHaunted by the Earl's Touch by Ann Lethbridge

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As a storm covered the land with it's darkness, the thunder rolled shaking the land as a young reviewer raced toward the library, her sanctuary, her flowing grown trailing behind her. She quickly raced inside the literary cavern, touching her hand to her brow she wonder if she stuck enough of a dramatic pose

So it wasn't a stormy day but bright and sunny and nay a cloud in the sky (although the sound of a huge library does sound bad-ass) I couldn't help but feel Ann Lethbridge transported the reader into an old Gothic novel with two leading characters that don't know if either can trust the other or want the other dead. Then a ghostly mystery that only adds to this great novel.

Mary and Bane are both outsiders. With Mary never knowing her family but raised an orphan only knowing that someone has been supporting her all through her years in school. When she is brought to Abbey she thinks she will finally get her answers only to find out she's been named an heiress with everything going to her and not to the next earl. Even attracted to the new earl, Bane,who she sees is hiding much behind his mask, she doesn't know if he wants her or wants to kill her. She does have a battle on her hands throughout the story as to who maybe trying to hurt her and if there is truly a ghost haunting the abbey.

Bane is the torture hero all Gothic novels needs and while much of the story focuses on Mary POV, your given small peeks into Bane's past who the man he is today and what drives him.
I think my only truly complaint to this story was the lack of view from Bane, as the reader your given the impression that he may be a true asshat with his assumptions. He does change for the better even before the truth comes out.

I found myself quickly turning each page with the sexual tension between Bane and May and the Gothic feeling of the book just drew me in. I found each layer fascinating and while it was tad easy to figure out who was behind it all, it didn't take away from the story.

and as the sun set, Reviewer Rane smiled as she set another keeper on the shelf in her literary cavern

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