The Portrait by Hazel Statham

The PortraitThe Portrait by Hazel Statham

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Harzel Statham created a delightful romance with The Portrait with two people on a journey of rediscovering, friendship and love.

Edward Thurston, the Earl of Sinclair returns home a changed man. Severely injured with the lost of an arm, Edward doesn't think it would be wise to continue with his betrothal to Lady Jennifer and force on her his scars. Carried around with him is a portrait that have saved him and kept his live with hope, but who is this woman and will he find happiness with her or......?

I found all the characters a delightful surprise. Edward while he didn't feel the love of his life would accept him as he is now, he doesn't let it overtake his life. Plus, the trouble that his brother and his friend get into, he has to be kept on his feet at all time.

Lady Jennifer or Jen was a bundle of energy, who has a great head on her shoulders who never stays in one mold but brings a breathe of fresh air who proves that she's not going to let anyone rule over her but heeds warnings so she just doesn't stumble around in trouble.

The story is quick but is packed with a sense of richness that you don't even notice at times that your zooming through. I did get a tad tried of the evasion between Jen and Ned at times when the truth is staring them in the face. Then there is the major trouble both their brothers get into does get a tad old.

Still such a delightful and fun little gem of a book!

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