Reclaiming Lord Rockleigh by Nancy Butler

Reclaiming Lord RockleighReclaiming Lord Rockleigh by Nancy Butler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It takes a truly great author to make a never-doer a redeemable hero in the end. Nancy Butler had her work cut out for her in Lord Rockleigh. Roc has never felt peace, wandering around to find himself, making himself out careless youngest of a powerful duke. Roc is then shocked when he's named is banished around in some very negative articles. Out to sue without trying to stoop down in proving his innocence.
Mercy Tatlock works along side his daughter in his newspaper, she finds Roc lawsuit a load of ....! Out to get him to drop his suit and get to the bottom of the whole story. Mercy is out to be the unstoppable object vs Roc the immovable force. Who shall win? Neither for love conquers all!

Mercy has a great outlook at life as a newspaper work that hasn't become so jaded to the views of life. Her pen is her sword that she hopes to bring attention to the harsh lives of others. When she meets Roc she's finds him well alot of stuff bad and good, and while she happens to find his inner self attractive, she could do without him opening his mouth and ruining the whole effect.

Roc is a jerk.

His pride gets him some very tricky situations that could have been completely avoided if he just speck up. Because of this, alot of people end up in trouble. Not only does he think his rank get some some free passes, his dependence on optimum starts to take it's toll.
I do love when an author takes a chance and makes a hero change before our very eyes. Roc does change and while the road isn't an easy one for either Roc, Mercy or the reader. It's well worth the journey.

Before you know it Butler has taken you on some hellva ride, the story keeps you on the toes along with the great sexual attraction between Roc and Mercy. There is alot of some great surprises along the way that I didn't see coming until later on that pleased my inner mystery reader.

Love and Happy Ever After is well worth it even when it's a long hard road one has to travel, sometimes it's worth it when that someone is waiting for you at the end. For Roc that was Mercy and for the reader it meant a heart warming read.


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