Moonlight and Mischief by Rhonda Woodward

Moonlight and Mischief: Signet Regency Romance (Intermix)Moonlight and Mischief: Signet Regency Romance by Rhonda Woodward

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This hit the spot. I was in much needed dose of fluff and Moonlight and Mischief gave me just that. Reprinted in ebook format, and a sequel to The Wagered Heart. You have the misunderstood rake theme, that may been used way to many times, it nice that this rake Lord Haverstone knows he's a rake and okay with it, until he falls in love with Mariah Thorncroft.
Mariah born from a trade family with a huge dowry hanging on her head. Mariah doesn't trust men who are interested in her. Tell that to Mrs.Thorncroft who wants her daughter to marry a peer and title! To makes matters worse her brother,foxed off his butt gets her into a pickle when he offers her and her dowry to the rake Haverstone one night.

Haverstone or just Stone lost a good fortune one night that Steven Throncroft oversaw, making him an outrageous offer for his sister and her money. Finding humor in the who thing, Stone invites the Throncrofts to a county party. Expect months go by and he forgets he invited them!

Stone is smooth but underneath that polish lingers a artist and a good man who doesn't believe in love without strings just fun and passion right now. He's surprised at the emotions Mariah brings in him. As he starts to talk to her and learn about her.
Mariah isn't the only one who doesn't believe in love without strings attached. Her money has always been the road block for Mariah. Their gap of status is what they have to bridge in order to see what love is standing in front of them.

The book was given a light touch from the misunderstandings to the charcters themselves. Although at times a bit repetitious (Mariah dowry mentioned) it was the just a fun and light romance.


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