His Unusual Governess by Anne Herries

His Unusual GovernessHis Unusual Governess by Anne Herries

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I've always had a special place and weakness for stories that revolved around Governesses (I shall place the blame on Jane Eyre)"His Unusual Governess was not as unusual as it was predictable with the hidden heiress, someone after her, and a rake with a past he can't seem to get around until he meets our heroine.
Sarah Hardcastle was the type of heroine who I love to read about, she comes from trade and works in it even when she meets one road block after another. Tried of the attention of one fortune hunter Sir Roger, she masquerades as a governess in order to get her life back together. Along the way she meets her charges who she quickly bounds with and wants to help. But trouble follows her and she's in more of need of help then ever.

Lord Rupert Myers a rake, flirt and fop has his scars from an old heartbreak and battle scars from his time on the battle field, takes up the job of taking care of his uncle's charges, when he comes across their unusual governess, he finds himself attracted to her, but knows she's hiding more then she letting on...

While Sarah was the shining star, Rupert was just to...meh...
The author's use of his "mocking" tone was at times eyerolling overused when he talked to Sarah. I just never cared about him and his way, he only truly changed when Sarah was in danger and he sees he's finally in love.
I would have felt more for him if his past and the scars he carried was reveled earlier and showed the effected it had on him and why he acted the way he did.

Still with it's predictability it was a easy read that was a nice time waster and some simple brain candy.


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