The Traitor's Daughter by Elizabeth Powell

The Traitor's DaughterThe Traitor's Daughter by Elizabeth Powell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love me some good espionage in my historicals. And "The Traitor's Daughter" had be riveted to the story. Not only did it have lively and realistic characters in Amanda Tremayne and Captain Sir Jonathan Everly, the whoduntit was already known, it was why and trying to catch him that keep you reading.

Amanda is on the brink of losing what little she has left. Her father sentenced to death falsely accused as a traitor. With her knowledge and letters her father sent her, she's out clear her father's name and find the true traitor. In her search she meets Captain Everly, a man who was on the bench and sentence her father to his death. Everly is also on the look out for the true traitor, unable to go back to sea until his injury heals, he's been sent out to find any information and proof. He's surprised at Amanda and her courage in going into danger. Even when he tries to make obstacles in her way in a way to protect her Amanda just knocks them down. The attraction between the two is a tug of war and both have some major baggage their carrying. Of course they heart tends never to listen...

Amanda and Everly were both great characters, they brought you through a whole range of emotions as you follow their story. I really loved both characters even when I wanted to smack them upside the head. They proved they thought at times with their hearts then their heads.
The story flowed wonderfully with the action and at times nail biting suspense of are they going to get caught? Get away? Find proof?
I was very wrapped up in story, with even the villains being evil to the point where they were not two-dimensional evildoers and the cheer when justice was finally severed and a hard fought HEA won the day!

This was such a joy to read that I’m on the hunt for more from this great author.


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