The Ramshackle Suitor by Nancy Butler

The Ramshackle SuitorThe Ramshackle Suitor by Nancy Butler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was another winner from Nancy Butler! Not only did she pen down another wonderful story, she added just the right dash of evil stepbrother, a tragic mystery and a ramshackle gentleman/sorta knight in shining armor into a great mix.

Lucy Parnell is out to find her lost niece her stepbrother covered up when her sister died. Now with a few clues she off to find the truth and perhaps a niece in need. Along the way (in a ditch) she meets with Roderick Kempthorne (who was chased into the ditch by crazy demon ram) comes across like a very ramshackle fellow, who just seems to worm his way into Lucy's life and her troubles.

I really loved both characters as they played well off of the other. Lucy works as a governess and is very serious and the trials life has put her through has made her tough. On the other hand we have the playing fool Roddy who may play the fool but he's not really fooling anyone with his caring heart.

The sexual tension between the two really spark hot with Roddy drawn to Lucy and Lucy a uneasy with a young man (5 yrs) showing such a great interest in someone like herself. The work on helping solve what her stepbrother is trying to cover up and find many surprises along the way.

The only downside I did find in this book was the sudden big fight/big misunderstanding that happen toward the end of the book. Although it was fixed pretty quick I still feel it was unneeded.

Another surprise and bonus is this is a prequel of another of her books The Prodigal Hero.

This was just a fun and delightful with the villain getting his just due and a satisfying romance between Lucy and Roddy.


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