The Rakehell's Reform by Elisabeth Fairchild

The Rakehell's ReformThe Rakehell's Reform by Elisabeth Fairchild

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Out of the Ramsey siblings story, I was looking forward to read Jack's story. Losing everything his family held dear to cards I wanted to see how he can redeem himself.
Does he redeem himself? Somewhat. Jack fights through the book his gambling addiction, and like an addiction one can fall of the wagon before getting up dusting themselves off and trying again. Jack doesn't get well overnight and the road is a hard one as he falls in his music, playing on the cello and the open eyed wonder of Selina Preston.

Selina being the daughter of a mushroom aka: tradesman. She takes her hits but her wonder of nature and drawing things down make her almost ideal for Jack. The attraction between the two is like a flash in the pan. Jack has nothing to offer and Selina isn't willing to risk her heart. She does see him being able to rebuild himself into a better man, if only Jack believed it.

The thing about both characters where I didn't feel the presence of Jack and Selina. I felt the attraction of of the two and them somewhat fighting it. But as for redemption of Jack and how Selina help that came to be was on the shallow side. You see him starting to, but his actions still make him come across as a rake then reformed rake.

Still Fairchild writing style shines and the musical element still give these book some well deserved stars still making it a good book to read


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