The Improper Playwright by Margaret Summerville

The Improper PlaywrightThe Improper Playwright by Margaret Summerville

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This bud of love, by summer's ripening breath,
May prove a beauteous flower when next we meet.
(Romeo and Juliet, 2.2.121-2)

Margaret Summerville gives her books a lighter touch (or the ones I've read) this is another gentle and farce story with two characters that seem at odds but have more in common then they both think.

Lady Verity de Lacy is a playwright in secret, she writes many plays but doesn't have the courage to send any of her works until her recent play, and with a little push from her maid, she sends off her play the the top playwright and ex-actor Lord "Brutus" Ranley.

Ranley worked as an actor for many years, becoming well known after his portrayal of Brutus cemented his name in his acting glory. Once his uncle passed and with no other male heir. Ranley became a peer losing himself in the glitter filled world of the ton. Causing him to lose touch with his actor friends and letting his playwriting slide. When his friend comes a calling for his new act (as he co-owns a theater) he brushes it off as he's to drunk to care.
His friend at a lost and anger at Brutus's lack of concern, sees if he's done anything only to come across Lady Verity's play. Thinking this V. De Lacy is a nobody puts Brutus name on the play and that's where the story and game of wits hits off like a cannon.

I liked that nothing is at it seems. When Lady Verity finds out that her play has been ripped off she's pissed and confronts Ranley who knows nothing (as he was drunk) and while this may have been off putting for Verity, she takes it in stride thinking that Ranley is not a cheat but a funny fool that only wants Ranley to bang his head against the wall.

This was a funny romance as both have a natural talent for acting you see more of that world then the world of the ton. The show of how actors are treated in the grand scheme of things in the ton was good as their always given some second fiddle part as mistresses or etc in other regencies.

Verity not only has to keep her playwriting under wraps but when she's forced to marry the boring and uptight Dorchester, she finds herself drawn to Ranley who understands her, her Romeo to her Juliet. Ranley finds himself at a lost with Verity who doesn't act like any other miss or woman he's come across. The romance is slowly developed over time with it playing center stage.

All the characters but of course Ranley and Verity were both wonderfully done giving you a sweet romance with two very liked hearted couple finding love with crazy schemes and Shakespeare!

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