Lord Rathbone's Flirt by Gayle Buck

Lord Rathbone's FlirtLord Rathbone's Flirt by Gayle Buck

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With the death of Verity Worth's father and her oldest brother and heir at war overseas. Leaving the Worth family at odds and without any money at their disposable, their force to pinch pennies until the return of the heir. In order to help Verity takes on the post of companion to a brat of a young miss that places her in the path of Lord Rathbone that will have dire temptations.

Lord Rathbone along with his mother have been waging a war against Uncles. With a push by his mother, Rathbone is out to wed and begot an heir in order to put the final stroke on the family war. Out to look over a distance cousin he comes across Miss. Verity Worth whom he overhears not giving him a very flattering (but truthful) view. He goes out to get a little revenge on someone he thinks is well below him in rank and what starts off as revenge becomes something very different along the way.

I was torn with rating this book. I had no trouble getting wrapped up in the story and the compelling characters, but Gayle Buck seemed to have left out more then would have been desired.
Verity was a strong heroine and even when Rathbone goes out of his way to make her the Lordship's "Flirt" she keeps her head up through the gossips and rumors that start to circle around her. She goes through the ringer by the gossip, her older brother return and a looming uncertain future ahead and yet still comes out stronger and through her Rathbone’s icy heart melts.

Rathbone was another matter. He was an ass. Verity told him straight up what he was doing was wrong but become of his taste of revenge and pride and his attraction to a so-called companion leaves him blind to his faults. It takes a big wake up called to see the damage he's done. Hindsight happens to be 20/20.
You can see the true Rathbone and the pain he goes through by hurting Verity who was innocent. Rathbone does go through emotional hoops in order to protect Verity and try to undue the pain he caused. He does some good redeeming in the end.

I was glad to been able to have "see" and "shown" some of the hoops Rathbone goes through. Because that's something this book heavily lacked. Nothing is ever truly see of Rathbone's come-ons on to Verity, your never shown what is going on only told in passing which I felt left alot of holes in the story. This gave the story an almost short story feeling. The ending does wrap up the Rathbone family feud nicely with a few surprises and of course, things are finally settled between Verity and Rathbone for their own HEA.

The story was very well done and the characters go through many changes along the way, it just lacked more detail and that ended up making it lack depth also.

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