To Kiss a Thief by Kate Moore

To Kiss a ThiefTo Kiss a Thief by Kate Moore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kate Moore has once again has swept me away with her solid storytelling. Not only does she create a vivid world without the norm of ton parties but a soft romantic road adventure that leaves you guessing who is truly telling the truth.

After a disappointing season, Margaret Somerley is happy to get away from it all and curl up with a good book. What she doesn't expect is to be kidnapped by a thief who takes her on an adventure with her heart at risk from being taken by the thief as well.

There's alot of mystery going on that Margaret along with the reader have to slowly piece together. With our thief Drew sealing government papers to be sold to the French, things don't seem to be as cut-and-dried as they appear with Drew going out of his way to keep Margaret safe and sound and even making sure this adventure doesn't tarnish her rep.
I really loved the characters. They didn't come across as bold heroes, but someone who kept their heads in a crazy situation they found themselves in.
You had a mixed bag of characters from an evil brothers to spies out to get our duo and in the middle is a slowly growing romance that was light and soft but underneath strong and solid with a deep faith of trust and love.

I'm happy to have found this book delightful book and still on the look out for more!

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