The Christmas Spirit by Elisabeth Fairchild

The Christmas SpiritThe Christmas Spirit by Elisabeth Fairchild

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Christmas is the time of rejoicing, of healing and sometimes second chances. I was very happy to see Penguin releasing and re-releasing novels from the well know Regency Signet line. Nothing pleased me more then finding this gem by one of my favorite authors Elisabeth Fairchild, whose words are sometime poetic and characters are so heartfelt they bring tears to your eyes.

This book very much brought bucket of tears to my eyes as the story unfolds with Kirkland Fleming, Earl of Copeland trying to make this year's the best Christmas ever. With time running out and his heart growing weaker. He wants to be with those he loves one last time and bring them joy instead of sadness. Things don't go as plan as a snowstorm delays his family, expect a young mystifying woman Miss Belinda Walcott.

Belinda has a score to settle, a long ago score that brings her in contact with Kirk. As the season takes of of the two, forgiveness and second chances bloom along with the greatest love either will met and feel in both their lifetimes.

The story along with being traditional regency also had a paranormal feel to it, but was given a light touch as the mystery of who Belinda truly is was the main question in the for front the the reader's mind. And while the ending is not "and they lived after ever after" it was still beautifully done - be warned- have plenty of Kleenex on hand.

The beauty of the story will remind us all the carry within us the spirit and love of Christmas year around.


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