Lord Ramsay's Return by Elisabeth Fairchild

Lord Ramsay's ReturnLord Ramsay's Return by Elisabeth Fairchild

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Fairchild once again transports me into a time of beautiful with deep scars underneath.
Prudence Stanhope is suffering from pain in neck and back from the emotional turmoil she's under at her home of her cousin where she works as a governess. Hearing from a doctor of the "shampooing" (we say massage)treatment in Brighton to help her with her stress, she goes not expecting to meet a man who would change her lookout at life and perhaps fate.

Fate has taught a hard lesson to Lord Charles "Rash" Ramsey by a turn of the cards as his brother lost everything of the family's name. Now Charles is trying to remake his fortune by the riches he has brought back from India. His teaching he's learned from a far off land has made him see that perhaps Karma has something in store for him and meeting Pru brings them both to a crossroads that put a balm on their healing hearts.

I've always become immersed by the poetic and sensual words Fairchild pens down.She brings forth the magic of the history and intertwines it with her characters like the famed Brighton Marina and the building of the Royal Pavilion with the Indo-Saracenic style.

Fairchild writes about Karma and how it effects those around us, and how it our deepest and darkest time there is a light and a lesson to be learned. Charles and Pru are at this point in their lives. By no mistakes of their own but by caring, their forced into a tight spot when they find each other. After the death of her parents Pru has lived with her cousin her husband and children, caring as a governess. When her cousin suffers a miscarriage of a son, all their lives are rocked. Pru tries to reach out to her family in hope of helping, what she gets is her cousin's husband starting to hit on her in his grief and being blinded by the it and the damage he's doing to Pru and those around him. Pru wants none of it and the stress takes it toll on her.
Charles has finally sailed back from India with hopes of trying to reclaim his family's fortune. Only to be told his brother he left in charge has lost it all to cards. Charles has brought back many lessons of finding repose in the most troubling times and by mistake and lark meets Pru at the massage place.

While both don't start on a good footing, you can see Charles wanting Pru to open up and release her trouble that has fallen on her shoulders, and in Pru he finds that light in the darkness. Both heal one another with their vary of emotions as they learn to trust again and forgive. There is s small misunderstanding toward the end that doesn't last long and really doesn't hinder the story. The journey isn't an easy one but it's one must travel and that is just meant to be.

Fairchild's writing it like poetry. The book was beautiful in it's story and it's characters adding another great installment to the Ramsay's siblings books.

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