Born to Scandal by Diane Gaston

Born to ScandalBorn to Scandal by Diane Gaston

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Governess at times was a truly thankless job with their quasi-invisible role in the household. This role is show with Born to Scandal a homage to one of the greatest governess love story of all time : Jane Eyre.

Gaston's books for me are at times hit and miss. Born to Scandal was differently a hit and my favorite by this author. She shows us the true trial a young woman would have falling in love with a peer of the realm with only love to truly conquer the way.

Anna Hill is suddenly without all she's known. Brought up to be a companion and help a bashful girl. Anna is left out in the cold when the Lord of the house tells her she has only so much time to pack her bags. When a position as a governess opens up, she sees no other opinion then to try.

Rumors abound around the half Irish lord- Lord Brentmore. With the somewhat recent death of his wife, Brent is at a crossroads, unknowning what to do with his now motherless children, whose mother kept them away from him in spite.

I really just adored both of these characters with pretty much all the characters in this book added something to the overall story. Even Brent's children were rounded at not just cardboard cut outs meant to move the story along.

Brent and Anna both have one foot in two worlds. Being half Irish, Brent has seen and been through alot at a young age, and with his faithless wife adding more burden on his heart it takes a big push for him to take a chance on his heart with Anna. I did get a little frustrated at his "good deeds" which made him end up with pie in his face and those he helps with hurt feelings. Still he had his heart in the right place and I couldn't really put the whole blame on him as he finally took a leap of faith.

Anna suffered in silence for her love for Brent and her love for his children who truly needed her. She never came off as some martyr as she made the best of her situation that she was found herself in.

I loved how these two peas in the pod found one another and took the risk on their love and taking into account those who it would effect and finding strength to take that chance with one another.

This was such a beautifully done story that did a great job in it's homage to Jane Eyre as it stood on it's own two feet with a strong story to back it up.

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