An Improper Widow by Kate Moore

An Improper WidowAn Improper Widow by Kate Moore

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I was truly at awed after finishing this amazing novel. While not a strong romance book per se it felt more of "still waters run deep" with deep emotions of all the characters with the scars they have carried from the past and having to finally heal them in the present.

Francis William Arden, fourth Marquess of Warne has fought his battles and has won the war. Now the scars are finally on the road to healing and sees that it's time to finally settled down and marry. Making his riches through Iron and machinery and his battles with his father nicknamed the Iron Lord by the ton. Warne finds himself in one last battle with a thief whom sees to know his past and a woman who is slowly stealing his heart.

Susannah Bowen has taken on the mantle of a widow, one that makes her an unpaid servant for her family and protection from a painful past. Her duty to protect her cousin may give her a way out or a whole new set of trouble when her cousin's heart is stole by a highwayman/theif. This puts her face to face with Warne who sees behind the walls around her heart and battle she doesn't know if she will win or if she wants to.

Susannah and Warne have been hurt by love. Hurt by those who they thought cared for their well-being. The romance between the two is still and deep. Quiet and yet very profound as they find themselves foes and allies as they work in the investigation of the thief whose out there copying Warne's battles with his blackhearted father many years ago. When they meet it's like something clicked that both drew them together and also scared them. The romance was on the soft side, with the investigation taking a big part of the stage and a old enemy bringing more heartache and trouble with them. The romance did add to the family drama that made things come full circle of past and present.

The story of forgiveness and healing with a intertwining story of new love and of healing love that made this story that more memorable and beautiful.

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