Katana by Cole Gibsen

Katana (Katana, #1)Katana by Cole Gibsen

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When I picked up "Katana" by Cole Gibsen I really had no expectations and didn't know what to expect. The flow of the writing and story really just caught me. This book was stuffed full action that would having you step into the middle of a Kill Bill scene. Throw in a young woman samurai reincarnated into a young teen of today and a dash of romance and you have a kick-ass story.

Rileigh Martin is a skater girl living day to day. Until one day she fends off three muggers in the mall parking lot without breaking a sweat.

Rileigh's never had a day of martial arts training.

Things get even weired when a voice starts giving out points in battle and dire warnings to be careful in her head. Then she meets Kim who seems to know what happening to her as more attacks are targeting Rileigh then something just random and are after everyone she knows and loves.

As I started to really get wrapped up in the story all these great martial art films zoomed through my head. The action and flow was nicely done without becoming jerky. From the parking lot to the dojo CB doesn't an excellent job of keeping the action and the story moving hand in hand without one taking over the spotlight.

The topic of reincarnation was also nicely played. With flashbacks to bridge the gap of Sensi to Rileigh. Both characters are strong and fearless. While Rileigh has alot of trouble dealing with the spirit of Sensi. It felt normal with all the changes she goes through in such a short time.

Rileigh grows in to herself and her new abilities but, her emotions toward Kim who was Yoshido, a samurai leader and true love of Sensi. I loved Kim. He was of the old ways as his life as Yoshido was remembered at a young age for him and really came off as someone who felt very deeply and his heart was out searching for his lost love.
I would have been turned off if the author just relied on the soul mate element and past love. This doesn't happen. CB builds from that yes but, also builds anew between Rileigh and Kim almost like giving them a second chance at love.

The rest of the characters did feel a tad shallow to me. I adored Quentin, Rileigh's BFF who a light hearted character. Along with Branden, Drew and Michelle also part of the group of samurai s. CB touch based on everyone but I felt it lacked the true bonding as the focus was who was attacking Rileigh. The villain was pretty 2D, although I be lying if I say I didn't like that he got his in the end.

If your a fan of martial art movies and a killer story Katana maybe the book for you! It was for me!

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