Forbidden Jewel of India by Louise Allen

Forbidden Jewel of IndiaForbidden Jewel of India by Louise Allen

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Louise Allen has become an auto-buy author for me, her books always end up on my keeper shelf as she delivers a vast story filled with rich history in a small package.

Placing her reader in India in the late 1700's, Anusha Laurens the daughter of an India princess and English peer is in danger of the conflicts of the courts of Rajasthan. Anusha is stuck between worlds not knowing where she truly belongs after her father rejected her and her mother when his wife returned. She's even more conflicted when she meets her "escort" Major Nicholas Herriard whose job is to return her to her father safe and sound. Of course Nick doesn't count of the attraction he feels to the fiery princess and the danger that brings them closer and the test it does to his honor and heart.

Nick and Anusha start off on the wrong foot as Anusha feels no love lost for her father and Nick whose just doing his bidding. Nick owes alot to Anusha's father and feels a great honor to keep Anusha safe and keeping his hands off her. The feeling they invoke in each other as they discover one another and their history is a joy as they become friends before they become lovers. The two change on their journey but don't give up their morals and beliefs in the face of sex and attraction. I loved this as I see many characters change at a drop at a hat when they discover they're in love/lust and fall into bed giving up what the believe in.
It takes alot of trust and faith for both Nick and Anusha to take the next step giving us the reader a great sexual tension that I really miss in other books.

Both are two peas in a pod. Hurt by their families, it makes they leery and a tad scared to really risk their hearts. Anusha wasn't a spoiled princess, but fiery and and willing to walk the fine line when need be to get her emotions and actions across and to the point. She needs alot of healing becomes of the rift between her father and herself. The healing is not only done by Anusha but with Nick whose life hasn't bed of roses either.

Nick took a little warming up to as he comes across a tad cold,(and a JERK!) he warms up as he protects Anusha and fights her very open nature that causes an easy blush to cross his cheeks! Nick carries some heavy emotional scars that forces him to build a wall of ice around his heart and as he helps Anusha enter a new world. He learns to let go of his past pains and break down the ice that has formed around his heart.

The story pacing was excellent with a road trip feeling and a bit of history along the way that gives you a glimpse of the time and the way of life of those in India and the British living there at the time.

The only trouble I can say I had was the unneeded angst toward the end that felt more of a filler for the characters to revel their feelings toward the other.

Louise Allen just delivers great story telling and complex characters that make all her works a joy to read and Forbidden Jewel of India is just another gem from her to add to my keeper shelf.

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