Blood Bath & Beyond by Michelle Rowen

Blood Bath & BeyondBlood Bath & Beyond by Michelle Rowen

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Vampires got it rough.

In recent years they've gone from feared creatures then to sexual and sensual and now sparkle teen heart throbs with great hair.

Thankfully Michelle Rowen makes her vampires have middle ground and making them pretty normal and badass. Then again what's normal now of days?

Still a newbie vampire, Sarah Dearly is getting use to her new life as a vampire. With a diet of blood and a hate for anyone able to eat that tasty sweet treat. She's happy and thankful to have her fiancé and master vampire- Thierry by her side. Things take a turn when the Ring ask Thierry back for a long 50 year stint job. One that could put a real dent into their relationship. Not one for giving up. Sarah takes the risk for the guy she loves and decides to travel with him on his cases.
Sarah and Thierry are in for a ride as they come up face to face with a child beauty pageant contestant, vampire serial killer, and Thierry past.

Viva Las Vegas!

Sarah was a great mix of tough and sweet. She tries to see the good in everybody and while she does get burned for her troubles. It doesn't stop her from reaching out time and again. Her and Thierry couldn't be more different then day and night. While Sarah is open and a tad snarky. Theirry is cool and calm. Hiding behind a stone mask that only few can see the true caring and loving Thierry.
It was wonderful to read a well establish couple. The two play well off each other and you can see clearly how much love they love one another. While they do have their troubles it nice to see a couple work it out without either of them going off the deep end. Very refreshing.

While the romance is strong, it's dealt a light hand as not to overshadow the mystery. It takes Sarah to the vegas underground to coming face to face with a vampire enforcer- Markus Reed and of course Victoria a child vampire with attitude not to mention glitter and sparkles! I thought everything that happen tied up very nicely over who the killer truly was.

"Blood Bath & Beyond" got this series off to bloody good start. The next book in the series "Bled & Breakfast" comes out June 2013.

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