An Infamous Marriage by Susanna Fraser

An Infamous MarriageAn Infamous Marriage by Susanna Fraser

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Susanna Fraser has yet to let me down when it comes to her very earthy regencies with their more character driven plot and characters that never come across as two dimensional sexual creatures that have more modern tastes then someone from that time and era.
Fraser hits the right note when it comes to the infidelity portrayed in this story. It's not an easy subject and not one to take lightly, but Fraser shows all angles of those in the marriage that are affected by the infidelity and the strength it takes for the healing to start over again.

Elizabeth finds herself at a difference crossroads with her husband dying and asking her for her word to marry his best friend Jack in order for her to be cared for. Jack on the other hand, while he loves his friend Giles, he doesn’t wish to marry at all and not to the mousy Elizabeth. Then he goes off to war.

Susanna builds up the growing romance between Elizabeth and Jack. Only knowing each other for about a week when they got married compound Jack’s overseas affairs, it takes a lot of healing and trust before anything remote thinking about the bedroom can happen. I found not only that refreshing but with both Jack and Elizabeth backgrounds not being connected to the aristocracy and being thrust into a unknown world with Jack being knighted was another great take not seen no where near as much as it should in other HRS. The history and the battles Susanna writes were also very well done.

I did find some added angst toward the end a little unneeded, still it made a lot of sense for the secret Jack carrying and not wanting to risk the love he feels for Elizabeth.
I don’t care for anything that deals with infidelity, but Susanna played her hand very well writing a amazing romance about great second chances.

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