The Duke's Dilemma by Nadine Miller

The Duke's DilemmaThe Duke's Dilemma by Nadine Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nadine Miller pens down a fun little trad with a high in the instep duke and how he gets his comeuppance from a plain firebrand.

The story isn't hardly new, but it was very fun, with our hero Jared, Duke of Montford who happen to turn 30 sees it as his duty and a promise to get marry have his heir and go on his merry way. Jared is a snob. He knows he's a pretty big fish to land and has his aunts throw a party in order for him to pick a fluffy bride and be done with it. Until he comes face to face with our heroine Miss Emily Haliburton, who speaks her mind even when she doesn't know who the duke truly is, it's a refreshing change from everyone bowing at his feet. It takes awhile for Jared to finally see the light, and it's all that much sweeter when he does.

Emily is the type of character I adore, she's smart, and speaks her mind, while being out of the norm. Even with some events that the duke tricks her into, Emily always keeps a good head on her shoulder and shows the duke he can't push her around.
These two play off each other very well, and making them a cute couple with some hurdles to cross toward their HEA. This was just a fun trad, I'll be on the look out for more of Miller's backlist.

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