Temporary Betrothal by Dorothy Mack

Temporary BetrothalTemporary Betrothal by Dorothy Mack

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I always love to read some nice angst when dealing with a marriage of convenience, perhaps because some characters truly shine through the trial by fire and Hey, we get to read some nice humble pie being eaten.

The story center focus was mainly on Belinda Melville, whose life hasn't been a bed of roses, but neither did she have an uncaring family. When she's sent to spread her wings a little, she goes to spend some time with her selfish married cousin. There she meets a man, whose been in her dreams since he stole a kiss from her and brought light to a dreadful day. Sadly, Capitan Anthony Wainright does remember that day with only eyes for Belinda's married cousin, puts Belinda down when she makes it know she doesn't approve of the relationship he and her cousin are carrying on. When both put a wrong foot forward it's up to Belinda to save both their hides and enter into a marriage with a man who doesn't love her, who she doesn't trust but her heart just still clings to a dream.

Belinda really shows what a strong character she is, when she takes a unwanted burden when the Capitan and her Cousin are caught. Her cousin along with some of the other characters were pretty much two-dimensional, when I was dreading that Tony would end up the same, stupid man, he surprised me with his insight and his humbleness. I've read a few books where the hero doesn't prove his love or that he's even changed by the last page. Tony see what an asshat he was and truly showed remorse in his actions toward Belinda and those he hurt- mostly Belinda's cousin's husband. He proves he changed and how he came to really and truly love Belinda.

I loved the play emotions and the great changes the characters go through and with the author's great style of writing, this was a truly wonderful traditional.

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