Not Proper Enough by Carolyn Jewel

Not Proper Enough (Seducing the Scoundrels, #2)Not Proper Enough by Carolyn Jewel

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I adore Carolyn Jewel's style of writing, it at times can be very poetic and profound. Her writing style doesn't fail, but I didn't feel any attachment to the characters this time around.
The bitter history between The Marquess of Fenris and Lady Eugenia hides for Fenris a love that has run very deep from the moment he first laid eyes on Eugenia. But after making a total fool of himself with his top-lofty view, lost both Eugenia her husband Robert his best friend's friendship. Years have pass and the love for Eugenia is as strong as ever, and with a dream and a promise Fenris or Fox sets out to win Eugenia heart and prove himself a different man then he once was.
Eugenia has been a state of limbo since the death of her husband, and her hatred toward Fox a man who made it to all that she was not worthy of anyone as great as her beloved husband, only now she sees a different man in Fox one she can't figure out...
Fox was pretty straightforward character, trying to make amends for the pain and embarrassment he caused both Eugenia and his old friend. But, following his heart this time and win Eugenia by any means. I understood very much where he was coming from and respected him and how he owned up to his mistake.
The main trouble I had was with the very quickly developed sexual relationship that both leads just jumped into. Eugenia proclaims how much she hates Fox and his past actions, but it doesn't take her long before she has sex with him. This annoyed me through the whole book as Eugenia never knew her own mind or thoughts. It was understandable how she longed for the warmth and comfort of a man after the death of her husband, but to fall into bed so quickly with a man she said she hated was at times at odd with her words and actions.
I became detached with the sex scenes between the two as I never felt it more then just a filler, with Ginny always saying how much she hated him while they were having sex and her denials of her feelings. Then the string of es-mistress being paraded before Ginny sort of dragged on some unneeded angst.
Nothing was worked up, and I guess that's what I missed. In comparison to her older books such as Scandal, the leads worked up to forgiveness and understanding before they even had sex, and that's what I expected from this book and didn't get it.
The ending was rushed and wrapped up in a nice bow, with a somewhat forced ILU on Ginny's part.

I love CJ's writing, but this book just didn't shine as bright as her other books for me.

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