A Dishonorable Proposal by Katherine Kingsley

A Dishonorable ProposalA Dishonorable Proposal by Katherine Kingsley

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In this Heyer like tale with hidden identities, meddling families, and one crazy villain, I was quickly wrapped up in Katherine Kingsley's A Dishonorable Proposal. While the back blurb was very misleading (even with one glaring typo in the hero's name) Harry The Duke of Paxton is a well traveled scholar, who finds great joy in his travels and learning all he can, what he can't stand is his greedy family members that won't give him any peace! Enough is enough and packing his bag goes off to unknown small estate to write, when he runs into a young idealist in Miss Annabelle Hatfield.

Annabelle stands up to those who would knock down the weak, risking her neck in order to save anything or anyone from danger. When she learns of a recluse scholar, she jumps at the chance to meet him in order to perhaps border her mind, and break out of the box females at the time are put into.

Things become very complicated when they meet and start to get to know one another and get into some big trouble. Soon their hearts are doing the teaching and both fall in love with one another,with just one catch, Annabelle doesn't know Harry is the Duke of Paxton who her family is forcing her to marry!

It was a charming story, with two unlikely people falling in love with miscommunication and some meddling soon to follow these two.
While the story has been told before, it still felt very fresh, it being a dragged out a little with Harry and Annabelle as they just keep missing each other one way or another. Added to the mix one nasty villain that gets his a little taste of his own medicine.

All the characters were well rounded, and most there in order to move the story along nicely and with sweet Harry and strong-hearted Annabelle being center stage, this was truly a oldie but a goodie.

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