The Best Intentions by Candice Hern

The Best IntentionsThe Best Intentions by Candice Hern

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was such a fun and delightful type of traditional regency that holds a special place in my heart. Everything was plain fun from the very top-lofty Earl to the unconventional young miss that are surprised when they fall in love with one another.

Miles, Earl of Strickland wants a loveless marriage and a mother for his two daughters. Hiding his emotions behind very correct in his thoughts and manners, and losing his first love and wife, he doesn't believe he'll ever love again. His life is changed 180 when he meets Hannah, the outspoken miss, who finds Saxon architecture amazing and tells it likes it is while trying to be a true lady for her sister who has her eye on Miles for her next husband and believed vice versa on his account.

It's very sweet how both slowly start to fall in love with one another. Hannah feels Miles has his eye for only her beautiful older sister, so when her feelings start to develop she wants to hide them away. Miles finds Hannah's widow sister delightful to the eye, but she leaves him feeling cold. Hannah on the other hand makes him laugh and brings him out of his shell after the death of his wife. He brings a sort of mature calmness to Hannah and appreciates her mind and her love for architecture.

I did feel that Miles and Hannah took a little longer to reveled their feelings toward one another and the big chase scene in the end could have been left out. This was a clean romance with a few kisses and great secondary characters that just added to the great mix of this wonderful book.

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