Silent Suitor by Elisabeth Fairchild

Silent SuitorSilent Suitor by Elisabeth Fairchild

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I was so happy to have discovered many of Fairchild's backlist now being available in ebook format with new books by her on the way. I quickly bought and promptly gobbled up Silent Suitor the first book she wrote.

No. It would seem an elusive creature, my shadow. She shrinks and exaggerated and distorts, and yet, in some small way, at all times is representative of who I am"
"Very much like a reputation

Fairchild's has a poetic way of writing down human nature in all it's forms. Each character is very multi-dimensional with a very visual effect of the things around them as your put in Sarah Lyndle place, whose blind. Everything around her is brand new, from the sounds, smells to the mere touch. Sarah "sees" more into the human spirit even without her sight. When she meets "The Beast" Lord Ashley Hawkes Castleford, she looks beyond his rep that calls him all kinds of beastly things, and while he doesn't really put it best foot forward with Sarah, he quickly tries to put things to right, even with his heart on the line.

Sarah was a unusual heroine, not because of her blindness, but of being kept locked away, wrapped up in cotton to protect her from the world, after she lost her sight and her flighty mother's death. She process a innocence of the world that shines out as she discovers the world around her. Her emotions are very mixed up when she starts to fall in love with The Beast, there is a tug and pull that she has to deal with as many are vining for her hand, and leery of Ashley.

Ashley has had a tough time of late (since he became a earl) and very leery of Sarah and the emotions she invokes, he really doesn't put his best foot forward with Sarah as he doesn't realize that she's blind. Ashley is slowly reveled to be very kind even when he acts like a total ass, with a very stubborn hard shell that needs to be broken away. He shows Sarah the world, with the simple things in life we with sight tend to take for granted.

There is a back and forth between the two and some misconceptions thrown in as family members and past friends start to come between the two. I did wanna hurry and have them clear the air, but it did have some nice angst thrown in for some good dramatic end.

This was the first book by Fairchild and you can see how she just improved from here....

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