Miss Carlyle's Curricle by Karen Harbaugh

Miss Carlyle's CurricleMiss Carlyle's Curricle by Karen Harbaugh

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was a nice cozy regency that was just that cozy. Nothing to deep in either the relationship between the leads and the mystery that surrounds the death of the of our heroine's Diana Carlyle's uncle.

Both characters ended up being likable, Garvin more so on my part as he was very understanding and watchful to those around him. Diana was to narrow minded and later a little to rash in getting down to the bottom of the death of her Uncle. The characters do tend to go headlong into some stunt to find the villain of the story who was pretty dumb to begin with, making it feel after all is done with the revel a bot anti-climatic.

Still an okay read to pass the time with that was pure fluff

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