Enshadowed by Kelly Creagh

 Enshadowed (Nevermore, #2)Enshadowed by Kelly Creagh

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Coming back to the Nevermore series felt like revisiting old friends, the story has taken on a darker turn with us picking up with Isobel on a race to save Varen from the ash and demon filled deamworld he’s stuck in. The once vivacious Isobel has become darker, leaner and more determined to save Varen.

It was sad to see Isobel without Varen, with all she’s been and still going through, she’s never let go of the hope that she’ll find him again. You see a growth from Isobel the cheerleader, a young girl to the darker mature woman she’s becoming. She slowly picks up fragments of Varen’s past that has shaped him, more so then his mother who left him. Pieces she fits together as Poe’s birthday draws near.

Varen is always there in sprit with Isobel and the reader, would I have loved more of him in Enshadowed? Of course! Varen’s tragic past is slowly brought more into the light, and with events that transpire the Varen we know and love has become someone completely different….
The surprise I felt the most from was Pinfeathers, he the true broken mirror image of Varen’s soul shows us a deep compassion that won me over with Varen himself. He breaks my heart…

I must give a hand to Gwen, who makes an even bigger splash in Enshadowed, with a lot of knowledge and support she gives to Isobel and some very lighthearted moments that breaks the looming darkness.

“..a large unsweet-that’s no sugar- as in I come back and challenge you to a plastic fork duel if I even think I taste a hint of sugar- ice tea?”

In Nevermore, there was a stage where the reader felt like Alice stepping into Wonderland with some crazy dreamscape scenes. Creagh threw out that for something a little more unsettling but alot less confusing and jarring. The dreams start to meld into her everyday living making Isobel wonder if she’s awake or asleep. This was scary as a waking dream or a sleepwalker, it made more sense then the crazy scenes and drew her closer to Varen, but if one can see in the dreamworld one can see out of the dreamworld giving yet another dimension to the world that Poe and Varen have created for the demon Lilith.

The story moved very quickly never feeling jarring or uneven each scene counted in the big picture. But as this is the middle book of the series there are still a lot of unanswered questions and big surprises for the reader and while I adore you Kelly, your killing me with one hellva cliffhanger that left me with tears in my eyes and a unhinged jaw wondering if she would be so cruel to leave it like that…and yes she did…

It’s going to be a long hard wait for the next book….But I’ll be waiting…

Don't leave," she breathed.

"I'm here," he whispered. "Right here. Waiting.”

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