Thief of Shadows (Maiden Lane, #4) by Elizabeth Hoyt

Thief of Shadows (Maiden Lane, #4)Thief of Shadows by Elizabeth Hoyt

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There's two emotions I can always count on when reading Hoyt's books joy and disappointment. Joy because I'm reading such an awesome book, and disappointment cause when it's over! What happened to savoring the book Rane? But I couldn't help myself cause it was awesome!

Thief of Shadows picks up right up where Scandalous Desires, and where Scandalous Desires had some weakness in the heroine and some anti-climatic moments toward the end, Thief of Shadows had none of this, the heroine Isabel Beckinhall was quickly on par with Winter. Both characters were truly human in everything they did and felt.

Isabel might have acted flighty but had a huge heart, very warm and open to all those around her and even bigger scar left from her marriage. Out of all the characters I've come across in Hoyt's book Isabel felt hit the nail on the head about being a woman and truly being a mother is. Cause nothing is more great then being a mother is any form and having Winter help her with her own scar helped him deal with this own past and present. She loved Winter completely and when she sees how much she loves him she'll risk her life for love.

I and no doubt along with everyone knew there was more to Winter then meets the eye and when it's reveled about him being the Ghost was a surprise but also curious as to why and how. Hoyt doesn't disappoint in Winter, calm on the outside but a ball of passion-filled fire inside. (view spoiler)[ and him being a virgin was even more delicious cause when he's hot, he's smoking! (hide spoiler)] Winter was very deep and his love for Isabel was a fight for both him and Isabel, as Winter being the Ghost, he feels no one can truly do this duty like he can, and willing to give it up was heavy on his heart. But the best thing about Winter was he wasn't hard-headed and dragged his feet, when he decides on his course it's all are nothing and it steals my heart away.

Between these two the pages had me reaching for a cold glass and water, and turning up my AC!

Hoyt didn't let me down with the action in this book, the best part was the sword fighting that ran through the theater and the balconies!

Hoyt wrote another great addition to
Maiden Lane and the huge hints dropped for the next book has me on the edge of my seat- just can't wait!

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