The Vicious Deep by Zoraida Córdova

The Vicious DeepThe Vicious Deep by Zoraida Córdova

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This was fun, fun, FUN! I couldn't get enough of Zoraida Córdova debut novel, from the whole summer feel to *GASP* mermen! Yup! Cordova gave us something totally new with a male lead that is a merman- let the mayhem begin!

Tristan Hart is just your normal horn dog/manslut sixteen year old teen. His love for the water just seems to stem from being a great swimmer, and living around Coney Island, New York. Until one day a freak storm appears and Tristan is dragged into the sea, missing for three days without any memory of those days, expect a silver mermaid with shark smile. His feels different since he's been back and everything becomes even more confusing when he grows a tail and his mom use to be a mermaid! Why did it have to be the more girlie fairy tale?

I loved Tristan cause he was pretty normal teen, he at times could be pretty insensitive, lack tack but on the other side of the coin he had alot of growth and was learning from his past mistakes. His dry wit and sense of humor had me laughing, one was when he grew his tail....

"I let myself sink up to my shoulders and dangle my arms over the edge. My fins hang out over the brim, curling and uncurling. I wonder where my legs go? I wonder where my dick goes! Holy Crap."

Tristan has alot of important people in his life, through his eyes, you see how special each are in their own way, from his mom and dad, to his friends on the swim team to his "cousins" and his best friend and love Layla, who uses her fists on Tristan when he puts his foot in his mouth. Tristan may been a manhoe, and you can see in high def when his erection and roving eye gets in the way, but with some hard hits along his journey you see the better man he's becoming.

Zoraida Córdova creates a amazing sea world with bold strokes, and the great idea of a merman being the lead. You see glimpses of the Sea Court and the the other Feyfolk floating about, but with everything on a clock, we're only given a small peek, with a great chance to growth in later books.

I did have some trouble with some of the actions of the characters, becoming a little irritated with them, but this was quickly overshadowed by their common sense waking up and my enjoyment of the book.
Zoradia Cordove hooked me like a prized fish with her amazing novel, that I'm greedily waiting for more from this series and author and more importantly Tristan himself.

"but hey, lifeguards are the more naked version of firemen-the girls just love the uniform, in my case, the orange speedo"

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