The Prophet by Amanda Stevens

The Prophet (Graveyard Queen #3)The Prophet by Amanda Stevens

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And Then the Prophet Appeared from behind the veil

Would his words by lies or truths?

As Darkness falls once again and the veil lifts to free the unrest

Amanda Stevens brings us back to the beginning, to the sultry Charleston where it all begin. Things comes full circle for Amelia when the ghost of Robert Fremont also known as the Prophet, asks for her help. Amelia has to sort out alot of facts along the way uncovers some things that have been left hanging from the first book.

Added to the mix is the relationship between Amelia and Devlin and the ghosts that still haunt Devlin.

Stevens still sends chills down the readers spines with some very suspenseful and downright creepy moments.

"My gaze was riveted to the windows where a message began to appear. Not a heart this time. Not a request or plea but a bold, angry demand that repeated over and over in the frost: HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME"

But always the main draw has always been Amelia and Devlin and we readers finally get a sort of closure between them. There's always a gothic feel of the romance between the two is so strong and at times tragic because of all that sometimes stands between them. Yet, their love finally overcomes the darkness, but there's still a darkness that that looms over the couple.

This is where the Prophet has a whole starts to lose some of it's shine, but also left the reader a little leery of what happen to the Kingdom. If you read the whole series, the Kingdom almost felt like a filler book and really didn't need to be read. I found this sad, as everything that happen in the Kingdom almost felt like a step back for all the characters and the plot when it came to the Prophet.

At the time it was only known that there would be only three books in the series, thankfully Stevens has more books up her sleeve, and it made some sense as to why things were left still a little hazy at the end.

Stevens still showcases her amazing talent and the gothic beauty of this amazing series, I still can't get enough of.

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