The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1)The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Julie Kagawa proves not only can she write about badass feys, she can also write about some badass vampires.

Kagawa's writing is still top-notch as she delves the reader into a dystopia world over-run by vampires who keep their humans in a closed off city with it's borders surrounded by once humans, now mindless zombies out to only feed. The feeling of being caged in a city then a great wilderness with every turn, danger lurks, fills the reader with a range of emotions from fear to hope.

To leads us on this journey is a strong heroine who has to go the distance in order to survive in a world where many want her dead for one reason or another.Allison Sekemoto can come off a tough nut trying to live in the city where on the fringe she has to cheat, lie and steal to get food for the day. Her life is turned upside down again when she comes across an old vampire Kanin who saves her life by turning her. Allison sets out to learn about being a vampire and the true meaning of being a monster and a human being. Her choices at times can be heart-breaking.

I liked Allison, she truly grew on me with her strength and her very human choices. Even when she was done wrong. Many of the characters at the start were very two dimensional but show true growth like the kind hearted boy Zeke who brings light into Allison's life and trust. And Kanin who I came to adore and I wanted to cry when what happens to him and hope for the very best in the next book.

I did find The Immortal Rules lacking in some instantiates with the world and the vampires. Many of the vampires were taken from the old lore (ie: no sunlight, drink blood etc) I didn't mind this, but it felt shallow and I wanted a new angle on vampires, and the disease was also a little feeling of been there done that. It was scary, but tended to drag in some parts with alot of chatter and not alot of action.

Still The Immortal Rules was a very enjoyable story that kept me up late into the night wanting to see what would happen next.

Kagawa writing shines bright, and I'll be looking forward to more from this series!

Buddy read with Erika who I have to thank for introducing me to this amazing author! *hugs*

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