Blackwood by Gwenda Bond

BlackwoodBlackwood by Gwenda Bond

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I became truly fascinated by the history of Roanoke Island and the Lost Colony. The author Gwenda Bond weaves true history and the touch of dark magic in Blackwood.
With two trouble and misfits in Miranda and Phillips, who have their shared past together and family ties to the island that force them into risking it all when events draw them from people from the island disappearing again with a huge black ghost ship floating through the air of the island.

That's where everything kinda stands still. Nothing feels like it it's moves, the character don't make leap and bound changes even as the story moves on. Not to say it was a bad story or the characters we're themselves not interesting. Phillips being a sweetie, a teen who can hear voices of the dead, and Miranda having to grow up to fast with a family cursed long before, making her an likable misfit,someone to relate to. They just never made any true growth from when their first introduced to us in the beginning.

The story I think felt the real blunt, there needed to be more added to truly engaged the reader's interest. More story, more about what happen to those who disappear and reappear, everyone moved slow them wrapped up to quickly to really make this more then an Okay read for me.

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