Oppression (Children of the Gods, #1) by Jessica Therrien

Oppression (Children of the Gods, #1)Oppression by Jessica Therrien
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The YA category has gone through the gauntlet of showcasing vampire to werewolves added to the mix now is aliens and Greek Mythology. Oppression stands above the rest in the Greek Myth take with it's rich story and writing with a new mix on the old myths.

From the start you quickly get into the head of Elyse our heroine whose just turned eighty but looks eighteen. She's lost those she's love from accident and age. In hiding and not knowing who to trust and even knowing "what or who" she truly is. That is turned on her head when she meets Will and he shows her a new hidden world where those who are gifted with different gifts like her, from the Greek Gods. Added to this is a prophecy one she must fulfilled in order to finally bring a long needed peace to the Descendant of the gods.

Therrien hits the mark as she created a strong foundation for the series. With a inner war between fractions of the Descendants, it's a hard picture she paints with the corrupt power the higher up "gods" and the chess game they play with everyone's lives. Added to this weight on Elyse is a suppose prophecy that she will bring peace, when only just a little while ago she didn't even know about her powers or anything about her past.

This was a give or take, the story is brimming with alot of promise but made the characters sort of lack that push to make them truly great. Elyse and Will were a cute couple but sort of fell into a recent troupe with the girl not knowing the whole story and Will being the total sweetie but strong and protective of her and sort of leading her into this new world. Which is truly fine with me as in the end Elyse and the other heroines prove their own strength and standing on their own feet.

Oppression is amazing debut with alot of rich promise that I'll be looking forward to more from this series.

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