Discount Armageddon (Incryptid, #1) by Seanan McGuire

Discount Armageddon (Incryptid, #1)Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire
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I haven't picked up Seanan McGurie well known October Daye series, so I came into reading Discount Armageddon a total newbie to this author. And while I was a little leery at first due to the very off leading back blub that did nothing for the overall kickass-ness that is this book.

DA did have it's trouble at the beginning as your in need to swim the info dump to figure out who Verity Price is and her passion for dancing then trying live up to the family name of cryptozoologist and the red stamp of being part of a traitor family to the Covenant of St. George a craze group that wants to rid the earth of anything different then human.

The ending that is the info dump ends with the rest of the story starting to hit it stride with action that melts into more action and running story that has you flipping quickly to the next page.

The world of DA is vast with creatures of all kinds are introduced through Verity workplace and her own studies (and living habits as she lives with talking religious mice who celebrate pretty much everything). When she runs into a Covenant agent Dominic, she has her hands even fuller with trying to keep him in check and figure out what the heck is happening to her city.

Verity was very easily liked, she had a sharp sense of humor, and a mind that was curious but didn’t go headlong into danger when she could help it. She was well balanced out with the asshat and oftentimes very na├»ve Covenant agent Dominic who like Verity ended up likely against my judgment. It was well played out as both work together but still have their differences with Verity trying to show that Dominic’s teachings are wrong on many counts about those who are different.

Along with some laugh out load moments, there was a great underlining mystery that even surprised me with some nice twists and turns with serious moments to balance it all to make one hellva great read.

While Discount Armageddon and Seanan McGurie might not be everyone cup of urban fantasy tea it is for me and one that I enjoy with a big helping up action, and humor cake!

Verity thoughts on her (small) waitress uniform
"No matter how many times I put this on, I can't get past the part where I look like a hooker." "No, you don't, honey." said Carol. "hookers get better tips.

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