A Tryst with Trouble by Alyssa Everett

A Tryst with TroubleA Tryst with Trouble by Alyssa Everett
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A Tryst with Trouble was just a fun regency mad caper story, With two at times a two hard headed leads whom both have something to lose and something to win by solving the death.
Marquess of Beningbrough or just Ben has had to dodge rumors of his father's homosexuality, creating a cold shield around himself to protect himself from the harsh words throw at him.
Barbara has always felt she's played second fiddle to her prettier sister. Because of her firey looks and her smarts, she's always felt to be looked over.
When the sudden death of a sneaky footman, Ben and Barbara square off, with Ben's cousin taking the blame for the murder and Barbara's sister knowing the footman. There's more then meets the eye in the whole situation and it's up to them to figure it out while trying not to kill one another or become overcome with the firey passion between them.

This was just plain old fashion fun read. You have two fun characters that have misunderstandings, don't see eye to eye but it it alot of fun to see them both fighting the attraction. Both have their hidden scars from their pasts and the walls they hide behind. The author did a great job of writing how Ben came to terms with his Father's past and Barbara not hiding her brains and just being herself.
There were alot of laugh out load moments that had me rolling with laughter and each moment with solid gold. Although it was a tad disappointing with all the sexual tension between Ben and Barbara we're never given a good sex scene. Still this was a small complaint to the overall fun I had with this wonderful debut!

""Do you think you can stand?” “Of course I can stand,” Ben said irritably. “I told you, it’s only a scratch.” “Ah, yes. How fortunate the ball hit your head instead of some part of your body you actually use.”"

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