Sweet Enemy by Heather Snow

Sweet Enemy (Veiled Seduction, #1)Sweet Enemy by Heather Snow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A plain fun regency with a touch of mystery, science and two great characters, Heather Snow's debut Sweet Enemy was alot of fun from start to finsih. While it did go into some territory that's been done before, it never really stopped it from being good.

With the two main characters Geoffrey Wentworth, Earl of Stratford whose just enter the Earl role and using his power as a peer to help those who served in the military once along side him and Miss Liliana Claremont a chemist whose trying to prove her worth in a man's world. Both have no desire to marry but are thrown together in a party for Geoffrey to find a bride. Liliana on the other hand is out to prove who may have murder her father and it leads her straight to Stratford. Even if she tried to fight it, the attraction between these two is burning bright, but when the truth comes out it may ruin any chance of happiness they may both have.

Even with a house party going on, the story focus in mostly on our two main characters. With the side characters being on a tad shallow side with their use as to move the story along or give helpful and not so helpful hints to what really happen to Liliana's father.
I liked both characters Geoffery more so as he used his peer power to help the men who served with him find work and a living then begging on the street with no help. He could at times be a little pain in the butt, it never goes beyond him being a total asshat until the truth of what Liliana is trying to discover hurts him.

Liliana was a strong woman, in a time unknown is shun by being a chemist and following in her father's footsteps. She sometimes uses her head more then her heart or gut when you as a reader know it's not just as cut and dry as it first appears.

The insta-lust and rivalry in the beginning was on the cute side but been done many of times before, they do get to know one another but always the undercurrent of desire/lust for one another, Geoffery wanting her, not wanting her and Liliana holding back on telling Geoffery the truth got a little old afterward.

As the reader you pretty much know how it's all going to end up (and if you've read your fair amount of HRs you know what I mean) everything is wrapped up quiet nicely and I give applause to the author for creating a great mystery that ties in with the Egypt craze of the time and Napoleon reign and time in egypt.

For a debut it was a tad wallpaper-ish, but overall still a fun and relaxing read.

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