Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson

Royal Street (Sentinels of New Orleans #1)Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson
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While Royal Street was marketed more along the lines of Urban Fantasy, it turned out to be a Paranormal Detective novel as DJ along with the reader follow the clues in hurricane ravaged New Orleans.
The author showed great sensitivity when writing Royal Street, as much of the story takes place before and after Katrina and Rita. She doesn't sugar coat all that happened, but she shows great respect for the people's lives that were effected.
This gives a sense of urgency as DJ races against the clock to find what happen to her mentor while trying to keep the peace as the barriers that separate our world from the paranormal world.

The author did an excellent job into giving clues to both DJ and the reader to follow along with a magical touch. With different types of wizards that keep the peace, your quickly wrapped up in the world filled with ghosts, vampires and elves. Through the story you have doubts as to the big questions of "why?" and "how?" Johnson gave the New Orleans history a great spin in adding the old voodoo gods and those stars who made New Orleans a place of history good or bad as all the clues to the mystery start to add up.

The biggest flaw was the characters themselves. As the story carried on, it left the characters shallow without some true substance to really make them stand out. DJ our heroine lead, started off great, asking questions while trying to prove herself as a true wizard, then she felt like she just stalled out. She kept going around and around the same circle of doubt over and over again about her mentor and the clues plus the lacklust love interests.
Alex was DJ,s partner and shape-shifter through this was pretty cool, but was in the same boat as DJ and pretty forgettable. DJ's other love interest Jake who happen to be Alex cousin. I use the term Love interests lightly as DJ just can't seem to make up her mind who she even likes! Not to mention a ghost pirate Jean whose thrown in the mix.

While the characters have some growing to do, Royal Street still has a chance to grow and perhaps may have a great turn around in the rest of the series.

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