The Kingdom by Amanda Stevens

The Kingdom (Graveyard Queen #2)The Kingdom by Amanda Stevens
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The isolated kingdom surrounded by water- looms heavy over the town that once blossom, now cloaked by darkness and evil. And there underneath the water lays stone angels and the graves of those of the unrest as they walk among the living looking for peace and justice.

The Kingdom takes place a few months after the events of The Restorer, with the focus on a past unknown to even Amelia Gray. Amanda Stevens turns up the dial on the spooky and suspense level. First and foremost with The Restorer this book gave me nightmares! It all worth it in the end!

Leaving behind Charleston with the sultry setting. Stevens takes Amelia and the readers to an isolated mountain town- Asher Falls- surround by water and mountains. Buried under the town and the water lurks one of the two cemeteries that was flooded by a dam, with ghosts of those buried in a state of unrest looking for justice, and in the mountains lays a dark evil that feeds on the greed and power hunger of the people of the town. Amelia feels the unrest, still feels drawn the odd little town- like a calling, a feeling of having been there before, a need.

Still dealing with everything that happen, Amelia feels a need to get away from Charleston, she feels a pull back home and a ghost that haunts her heart- Delvin, who doesn’t appear in this book is still there in spirit. I really missed Delvin, but we’re given another character that maybe the one to finally have Ameila’s heart in the form of Thane. Thane hides behind the mask of a charming carefree man who truly is a complex and caring man that does give Delvin a run for his money. Of course there is no real romance in the book, AS only gives you tiny hints and more then once something dark lurks close by. Thane is the grandson of the wealthy local Pell Asher, behind many of the bad things that has happens to the town. Ameila hired by the local historical society to redo the rich Asher’s family and now local cemetery. What she uncovers will change her whole life forever and that of those who live in Asher Falls.

Amelia at times goes against her better judgment in staying at a place filled with a lot of danger, I wonder where her head was at, if she kept getting hurt, attacked in this town. Like her, I wouldn’t have been able to just pack my bags and leave with to many clues adding up to something bigger. The first half of the book gives you lots of spook moments set in a haze of clues. Slowly through the daze the author just puts the reader through the ringer with some heartbreaking, heart stopping moments. There’s a hint of dark magic, and evil that wants Amelia for itself, and uses some pretty evil people to get the job done.

AS gives and takes with the story, plot and characters with many of the eye-opening revels leaving some heavy omissions and unanswered questions, and one hellva a cliffhanger that will leave the third book open for even more startlingly surprises.

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