Don't Bite the Messenger by Regan Summers

Don't Bite the MessengerDon't Bite the Messenger by Regan Summers
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Regan Summers went out there and put a new twist on an old tale of vampires. Stuck in the middle of Alaska, our messenger Sydney is stuck in the middle of a heated vampire turf war and needs to get out playing the vampire messenger before she's the next casualty in the undead war.

This story was very gripping from page one with action and the flow of the characters it was very easy to get into.

Sydney has a gift that helps her not fall under the mind control of vampires, this saves her neck in alot of cases but also makes her a target because of how good she is at getting the job done. With a war starting up Sydney is at a lost on how to trust and when Malcolm shows up she even more leery on trusting a vampire with her safety and life.
Sydney was tough and kept her head about her, while she did have a few trust issues, she comes through by thinking things through before going into the BIG MIS territory which saved this book (and my reading enjoyment)

The DBTM world Vampires don't like light and anything electronic as they tend to blow the crap outta them. Using messengers to deliver paperwork in not only a tough job in Alaska but deadly with so many vampires out to get a leg up on one another.

While this was a short story and the story left me wanting and needing more to make it a solid read with the world Summers created. I wanted a tad more as there was a big skip time wise but Summers picks right up with the story and action.
I can't wait to see what more Regan Summers has in store for this series.

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