Die Buying by Laura DiSilverio

Die Buying (A Mall Cop Mystery, #1)Die Buying by Laura DiSilverio
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love when an author set before a reader an intertwining mystery that may lead to dead ends, red herrings and a long list of suspects. Laura DiSilverio does just that with Die Buying. DiSilverio creates a great character in EJ a mall cop (for now) and a ex-military cop who due to an IED injury that left her with a trouble knee, retire from the military EJ still wants to be a cop and is buying her time until she lands her next dream job. In the meantime, she has a lot on her plate from dealing with an ex-spy/CIA of a grandfather with all his super spy gadgets and the local preps that trouble the mall. The biggest trouble EJ comes to face in her mall is that of dead body posed as a mannequin, in the window of an upscale boutique. EJ is thrown into the investigation when she starts to see clues that may lead her to a killer…

EJ doesn’t like to get into trouble, she knows when and what to ask due to her training and years of being a military cop. It shows by her restraint with the total asshats she has to deal along with hardheaded (but hottie) Detective Helland as she goes down the list of suspects that wanted this guy dead. The thing that really hit a cord with me about EJ is her wanting to be a cop but because of her injury she’s denied a lot of times, she doesn’t give up.

The long list of suspects at times could be troublesome which was a double edge sword in itself as there was some big red herrings but it also took up the book as all the clues added up in a great way, everything that happens does have a meaning. With the unusual setting as mall and a great cast of characters, I loved the start of this new series and looking forward to All Sales Final the next in the series.

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