Wicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson

Wicked as They ComeWicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson
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Set between two worlds our Earth and Sang- a world where objects have a strong steampunk flavor with clockwork, mechanical animals, vampires and humans living side by side in a dangerous world where prejudice against those who are different and everything maybe out to get you- like the vampire bunnies!

An author has to play it just right to pull off the parallel world plot and Deliah S. Dawson does just that by giving the reader a rich world in Sang. From the cute little animals we see in our world like the fluffy bunny in Sang is a cute fluffy bunny that will bite you with their sharp little fangs and perhaps tear you from limb to limb. Creepy Right? Yet, alot of fun with some tongue and cheek humor about the animals, but perhaps a hidden message from the author of not everything is what it appears to be.

Tish Everett has finally broken away from a very toxic relationship, being a nurse and taking care of her ailing grandmother, Tish is finally landing back on her feet, finding herself and the freedom she's craved. Until one day she happens across a locket that sends her to another world and into the arms of the charismatic magician and bludman (a blood-drinker) Criminy Stain. Tish is stuck between two worlds, crossing back and forth, until a powerful enemy takes the locket with its magical gift. Now she’s is stuck in the world of Sang with a race against the time to save the world of Sang and the man she’s come to love- Criminy.

Tish carries a lot of baggage and scars, not only an new gift, also being Stranger - one who comes to the world from ours- just adds to the changes Tish has to deal with. Dawson adds another level to the world with Strangers- people who are asleep, in coma or near death visit Sang. The Strangers stuck in the world either love it or hate it, and Tish meets a few along the way who walk the fine line between both feelings. With Casper a beautiful musician and man she knows that’s in coma, as she happens to be his nurse in our world. To Goodwill a well know man whose man motive is to destroy bludman and oppress those under him.

Tish is a woman on the mend. When she comes face to face with the possibility of a new love from Criminy, she backs away, scared of losing herself again. While it’s understandable why she wants to go back to her world, her selfishness of wanting to stay free and her fear at times gets a little to much. It takes the assurance of Criminy of loving who she is that makes her give herself over to love once more. and while she does jump back and forth between worlds helping her dying grandmother, it feels like she’s just buying her time until she can stay fully with Criminy in the future

For those of us who dislike love triangles there is a slight one, but it’s more of things Tish left behind that drew her to Casper and perhaps fear of the unknown with Criminy. Tish sees her path and knows the right choice to make… and Criminy gets what he wants in due time and loves just as greatly.

Rouge thy name is Criminy. I haven’t enjoyed a hero like Criminy in awhile, with his gypsy ways, you think he’s got it all planned out, only to see he’s been getting by, by the skin of his fangs! He’s an odd mix of hard, strong, kind and a hidden romantic. With his magic, he willed the locket to find his equal in Tish, although she doesn’t make it easy, Criminy knows in his heart he just needs to believe in the magic and love that brought Tish to him…plus he charm doesn’t hurt either! Criminy isn’t just some all around perfect hero, but he’s able to give Tish the freedom and love she needed. He won over my heart time and again.

The true engaging factor for me was the world of Sang, filled with vampire or bludanimals,sea monsters, ghosts and magic. From the cities surrounded by walls, where many things don’t seem to have changed from one world to the next. The pace was excellent as Dawson quickly throws the reader into the mix of this strange, dangerous world. While Dawson only gives you a hint of all that lurks in this world, you left wanting to visit again and soon!

Thank you Lisa for this awesome ARC *hugs*

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Thanks so much for writing such a fun, thoughtful review. It made my day! I'm so glad you liked it. =)
Rane Aria said…
Your very welcome Delilah! I loved your books and looking forward to more blud novels

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