Wander Dust by Michelle Warren

Wander Dust (The Seraphina Parrish Trilogy, #1)Wander Dust by Michelle Warren
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Wander Dust didn't read or feel like an indie with it's details to moving the story along, it never hinder or left major plot holes only unanswered questions for further books. There was wonderful character growth and plenty of action with an almost enchanting feel as Sera starts to uncover her powers and the past of her family... Sera has always felt isolated, her father is just "there" with no real emotional connection. Then on her 16th birthday she happens to meet a lady in black who makes her feel her mind is set ablaze, then almost like magic next day she's able to travel through time itself by holding on to a keepsake,a bracelet, that once belong to her mother... Michelle Warren created a society and school where young students learn to control their gifts. Sera meets others who share her ability along with protectors and seers who form teams to help one another. Being a wanderer- she forms a team with the very hunky protector Maxwell and the shy and smart but the socially awkward seer Samantha-sam. Every student is on even ground, but you can see the tug and pull between the team and lack there of. This made it special with the team element and the effect it has on those who are part of the team. There's a deep connection between the team members that bond closer like family. Sera needed them as much as they needed them. Sera has been raised with the lack on connection, it takes –understanding- sometime for her to trust them and for her confusing feelings she feels for Maxwell to sort out. Sera grows from a girl who is on the run from not knowing who she is, to someone running in the thick of things in order to discover the truth and protect those she’s come to care about. The school does have a total magical feel to it, and if those who grew up with Harry Potter will know anything with school, magic just triggers this thought foremost in her mind. Thankfully it doesn’t go there, it deals a lot with the powers of the students and later takes it completely out of the school on adventures of the power and gifts of the students and later Sera going rouge when a group that’s been hunting her from the start leads her to a surprise she never knew she come face to face with. There was some great surprises and some twists that I never saw coming, but should have. The author was very clever in her plot when Sera starts learning about her gifts, and with a few AH HA! Moments later on that make perfect sense with everything coming full circle. Most of all, this was a very much character driven story, you feel for Sera as she grows from being and feeling alone to having what she wanted- a family. To falling in love with the yummy Maxwell. This was a great start to the trilogy, and I can’t wait to see what Michelle Warren has next up for Sera as she takes the readers along for the ride.

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