A Waltz at Midnight by Crista McHugh

A Waltz at MidnightA Waltz at Midnight by Crista McHugh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Short and sweet. A Waltz At Midnight was a fun little Cinderella-ish HR treat. That starts off with a single unromantic letter that later becomes a correspondences between two people in a hard spot in their lives as their letters reveal feelings and emotions they haven't been able to express and through these letter love blossoms between the two.

There's something very romantic about penned down letters, almost like those notes you would send your bf/gf in high school. Most of the story takes place between the letters sent between Susanna a young woman once a southern bella turned housemaid for her aunt's boarding house after the Civil War has ravaged her home and left her bother with the lost of a limb. Susanna has been working not only for the roof over her head but to help her brother has he studies for his bar exam. When one of the boarders and friend gets a unromantic letter, it's up to Susanna to put this suitor in his place.
Instead Teddy is somewhat charm and intrigued by the witty and thoughtful letters, whose at his wits end pushed by his father to get into the business marry well, or else! Teddy’s passion is art and writing to Susanna, he’s able to feel the passion he felt once again set ablaze along with his heart.
Most if not all the interaction takes place between Susanna and Teddy letters, while sweet, I would have really loved some more face time. Making their time together face-to-face feel rushed. The ending to felt rushed and would have felt more rounded off if perhaps an added epilogue to see how well off Susanna and Teddy were doing in their happy ever after.
Still like a nice slice of cake or a piece of candy, this was a quick and somewhat satisfying read.

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