A Little Night Magic by by Lucy March

A Little Night MagicA Little Night Magic by Lucy March
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Like a waffle, A Little Night Magic by Lucy March was a fun, fluffy and very much a delicious read.
Olivia Kiskey has worked at the waffle house restaurant since she’s been a teen with and been in love with the cook Tobias who hasn’t made a move in over four years and Olivia is tired of the same old same old and in need of a big change! She gets it when she meets a strange woman who says she has a special gift that may bring the change she wanted for good or bad.

Olivia is an easygoing character that may be a little blind to things in her life, from her three dear friends lives, and her feelings of Tobias. When Olivia’s magical gift, the ability to turn everyday objects into animal creatures (her mug coffer cup Gibson and paper crane Niles stole my heart) Olivia’s life is changed a 180 degrees when things start to go downhill. From one of her friend’s becoming a different and spiteful person and someone wanting either her dead or her newest gift.

The story is very easy to get into, Olivia’s voice was nice as well, as she deals with all the changes that seem to pop up over night into her life. Her romance between herself and Tobias was nice, with the mixed signals he sends her, you know there’s more then meets the eye with him. She also has some great friends that she comes to count on, while changing her perspective of the town and her life.

From the start everything is pretty much cut and dry with you knowing pretty quickly who the real bad guy is, and pretty predictable plot.
Still an enjoyable and simple read to sit back and relax with.

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