Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

Graffiti MoonGraffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

I was very lucky to have been able to grab the early copy of this beautiful book. The authors paints a story that may expand only one night, but with splash of words, she writes what could happen in a short amount of time but can change your life forever after.

Lucy is looking for a Graffiti artist by the name of Shadow. A man she feels could really know her, understand her in a why no one else could. Now if only she could find him! The last day of the school year is upon them, and she and her friends go on a search to find Shadow and his partner, one whose words add to the art on stone walls Poet.
Sadly she runs into Ed, a boy whose nose she broke on their first and only date who she knows can't be her Shadow. But when her offers to take to to find her artist, her world starts to change in a matter of one magical night along with her perspective of Ed and who he truly might be...

The book skips between both Lucy's and Ed's POVs with a dash of Poet's writing in between that gives a foreshadowing and yet another view of events but it never becomes overcrowded with views or confusing. The pace is very easy and sometimes very humorous as Lucy and her friends and Ed and his friends get into some trouble funny and tragic. These events are like stepping-stones as each character starts to revel themselves as more.
Lucy is looking for “the one” and is somewhat blind and na├»ve in her outlook of guys and love. At the same time, she grounded in her beliefs and her art. As an artist or even if your not one, I felt the author portrayed the almost magical element of any art and how those who view our art and how it effects them. Lucy is looking for someone to share that wonder with her. And sometimes that one who just gets you in right there in front of you.

"I've got this special way of getting the truth out of Dylan.
"How?" I ask
"I kick him in the balls"
"That's pretty special," I tell her"

Ed is at a conflict in his life, with his own disability making him feel like he can’t be around those are be judged and with the weight of his life at home, his art is his only outlet in his world, the only anchor. When Lucy walks back into his life, talking about his alter-ego Shadow, and how great Shadow should be or act . Ed feels like Lucy is living in the clouds and thinks to have a little fun with a chase and taking her around to see his works, then leaving her while he and Poet take a risky job that may or may not land them in jail.
A night that will change both their lives, Ed has always liked Lucy and while both sorta bummed out on their first date, as the night wears on, their discovery of one another is beautifully done, there’s some big bumps in the road and some hard hits both take in what the feel about what they just wanna do with their lives, the crossroads many of us take in each of our own journeys. Ed feels like his disability is holding him back, Lucy never feeling a deeper connection with anyone. Once both their eyes are open by one another to more out there, one finding more then art and the other finding the connection that always yearn for.
Cath Crowley created a masterpiece in Graffiti Moon in words that shine as bright as the moon.

"I think about a piece I could do. A girl shaped like lightning in the sky and a guy on the ground with a lightning rod trying to catch her."

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