Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Every Other DayEvery Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Put through the gauntlet of emotions as I stumbled to the final pages, beaten, battered I could help but think to myself “how much I loved every second of this book.”

Jennifer Lynn Barnes does something I love for authors to do, use their creativity, branch out, and turn something old into something brand new. With Every Other Day Barnes goes out and does this and more, she gives us a strong girl in Kali D’Angelo as she struggles with what she becomes every other day, a hunter that kills that or those that are not meant to be, from hellhounds to zombies. With her at times great dry sense of humor, Kali wins me over by having a deep vulnerability of being scared of what she is and want to be accepted because of who she is. With this message clear, Kali has only 24 hours to save the life- her own- when she takes on a mark from another that is set to kill whom ever has it on their body.

Every Other Day starts off with a slow bang, the real action of the story takes off when Kali takes over the mark from a cheerleader, and in 24 hours finds everything she’s knows spirals out of control. Kali walks a very thin edge as she starts to uncover what she truly is and where and who the mark leads her. With a sweet romance that only starts to slowly bloom in this book. The surprises are back to back and while some don’t go down to well, it makes the story all that more solid if not heartbreaking.

Yes, I did shed a few tears, but also had some great laughs as Kali makes some unlikely friends, from the “little bit” physic Skyler to the not-all-she-appears-to-be stuck-up cheerleader Bethany and their antics has me rolling with laughter.

I couldn’t tell if Bethany was on the verge of hysterics or reading me the riot act. Skylar must have been leaning toward the “hysterical” interpretation, because she wound up and smacked her, right across the face.
Bethany blinked. “Did you just hit me?” she asked, disbelief coloring her every feature.
Skyler raised both hands, palms outward. “I come in peace!”
“You do not come in peace. You hit me”
“I hit in peace!”

I couldn't get enough of Every Other Day and with a small cliffhanger with the choice of that left me the reader wondering what would Kali do

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