Everneath by by Brodi Ashton

Everneath (Everneath, #1)Everneath by Brodi Ashton
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It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions but hard to get one single remedy. -Chinese Proverb

What drew me to Everneath was the Hades and Persephone myth that was incorporated into the story. Although the true gem of the story was finding one's feet after you feel your world has been destroyed.
Nikki feels just like that, and ends up turning to the wrong person Cole. Next things she knows she’s been stuck into an underworld where immortals Feed on the emotions of those who have hit wrong bottom like Nikki. Nikki though finds a way to get back to the surface and finally make her peace with her family and love ones before she’s suck back into the underworld. Only she can’t. Not when the feelings she thought were torn from her come back to her, and not when the love of her life- Jack- comes back into her life and gives her the strength to fight back in returning to Everneath and Cole.

Brodi Ashton added a little flavor of different myths while giving you the story from different points in time. This was very clever if not a tad slow in getting into the story. In the present Nikki counts down the days, weeks and months until she’s forced into returning to Everneath. To the past in how Nikki fell into this whole mess. Nikki isn’t a dumb, but heartbreaking sad as she find her way from heartbreak to trusting the world person to trying to make amends before she leaves again. I think everyone of us could understand where Nikki stood, dealing with depression, lost of a love one or just finally hitting the bottom. Might have chosen the wrong path in dealing with what she was going through, that wasn’t the point. It was having that someone who loved her, that anchor we all need in our life to help us dig ourselves out and be there for us like Jack is for Nikki. I loved Jack and all he stood for and his love for Nikki. He was true through and through and while sometimes it was a hard pill to see and learn about what had happen to Nikki he stood by her and loved her period.
The author deals very well with the subject of drugs in the form Cole and how he robs Nikki of her emotions. We can’t turn to drugs or someone to support us in a toxic way. And the author shows this with how Nikki is supported by her love ones and is able to overcome her “addiction” to Cole and dealing with the good and the bad.

The ending was heartbreaking and leaving the reader wanting more, but still with a great amount of hope that things will get better. Brodi Ashton created an amazing debut world with Everneath and the message of believing in ones self even when the odds are stacked against you and overcoming the odds.

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Unknown said…
I'm so glad that you like Everneath, Rane! I'm so excited to read it myself and find out whether it really deserves all the hype! Thanks for the fantastic review! :)

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