Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1) by by Marissa Meyer

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)Cinder by Marissa Meyer
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Set in a world were androids and humans walk side by side in the city of New Beijing, a deadly plague looms over the city, with death just around the corner. A young mechanic- Cinder lives with her “wicked” stepmother, and being a cyborg is made more of a second-class citizen. But when her path crosses with Prince Kai and her sister falls ill to the plague, Cinder’s life and past start to intertwine with the future of those of the city and even the worlds.

Marissa Meyer creates a truly engrossing take on a this fairytale retelling with technology not being the great end’s all, with good and bad and the effects it has on the everyday person. She also created a the servant class that Cinder belongs to as androids and cyborgs- people who live as second class citizens because of their machine parts. It hurt to see but made the story much richer because of the fences and walls Cinder must climb over and breakthrough. Cinder is a beautiful character with a lot of heart even when treated less then a person, a human being, and to come out without being bitter or hardhearted is amazing on it’s own. There are clues to Cinder’s past that doesn’t come as great surprise but it’s still engaging.
As the story follows Cinder’s it also expands to the world,( that I did smile as the author gave a small nod to her old Sailor Moon fandom) the fear of this sudden plague attacking randomly, the threat of war from the Lunars- those who live on the moon and who have the power to control the emotions and thoughts- creating a multiple layers with a world that can expand.

The characters have many dimensions to Cinder’s wicked stepmother, to the kind and gentle sister Peony and even an adorable android. The Ruler of New Beijing has fallen, and the weight of the world falls on the shoulders of the kind Prince Kai. He’s not some alpha male, but has doubts about himself and trouble coming to terms of being the new ruler after his father’s passing. Kai was amazing because he came off a true person. One who loves and cares deeply, but has to hide this as the Lunar queen has her eye on him, and war on her mind. Kai and Cinder’s budding relationship is blooming in this book- I look forward to seeing what Meyer has in future for these two.
Iko has to be my favorite character, the adorable android whose Cinder helper and at times the one who lifts her up. She’s so cute with her actions, wanting to wear shoes and a pretty dress,plus her crush on Prince Kai is awesome! She can be such a fangirl!

While it does take a little time to truly warm up, the easy pace starts to pick up to a jog then a great run to a great ending that does leave you somewhat hanging. I just couldn’t truly fault it as it left an open for the next in the series – that won’t be out till 2013! * SAD * Still an amazing debut for Marissa Meyer I’ll be looking forward to what else she has next for her readers!

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