A Breach of Promise by by Victoria Vane

A Breach of PromiseA Breach of Promise by Victoria Vane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Victoria Vane pens down a delightful and fun novella about a reunion and second chances.
On the night of her betrothal Lydia Trent is finally going to marry the man she's been wanting and loving for so long, Marcus, Lord Russell on the other hand has adventure on his mind and not marriage. But giving into a impulse Marcus gives Lydia a taste of passion and leaves for six years. In those years Lydia has grow up and is tried of waiting and finally decides to break it off!
Marcus on the other hand can't believe Lydia would break off the endangerment and knows he'll need to use some charm to get her back in order. Marcus is in for a bigger surprise with the feisty Lydia whose grow up and is more passionate and knows he'll just have to woo her, win her over or ruin her to make her his! Of course Lydia won't make it easy!

Lydia and Marcus were pretty young when they become engage, but after six years and no husband, no ring, Lydia has had enough. I was surprised Lydia put up with Marcus that long, but she makes him work for it when he thinks he can just waltz back into her life and resume where they left off. Over and over Lydia prove what an asshat Marcus is and Marcus falls in love with Lydia.

I would have loved a tad more groveling on Marcus part and Lydia made him work harder to win him over, but for a short novel, it was just down right fun to see two strong willed people, duel in a battle of wits and wills and the winning in the game of love!

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