Marian's Christmas Wish by Carla Kelly

Marian's Christmas WishMarian's Christmas Wish by Carla Kelly
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For me Carla Kelly is The Queen of Regency Romance, she doesn't use Dukes, tons of balls or the everyday like of the ton read so much about in this period. Her characters are just your avenge everyday person, with everyday problems. Marian's Christmas Wish is one of Carla Kelly's gems.

Miss Marian Wynswich is not your everyday miss. Taught by her father to use her smarts and the glue that holds her family together after her father's death leaves a huge debt amount behind causing the family no end of grief with the huge chance of losing the only home they've only known. If this will be the last Christmas at their family home, Marian make this the best for her family, even with a few major bumps in the road- the biggest is the stranger her brother brings home, Gilbert Collinwood. Marian sees Gil as someone whose scared of going home due to the scars he carries on his face, little does she know there's more to Gil then meets the eye and this will be the most memorable Christmas ever.

Carla Kelly's novels never feel stale or unmoving, with the plot flying by as Marian and Gil starts to learn about one another, while trying not to get into to much trouble along the way. The whole cast from Marian’s family and friend’s weren’t just background characters or cardboard cutouts, but just as living and breathing as both main leads

I love all of Kelly's female leads, they have a great
personalities along with hidden strengths were women weren't meant to have, only look pretty. Marian is not only smart, clever, but deeply caring about everyone (well those that deserve it!) you feel deeply connected to her, laugh along with her and hurt along with her as well. In trouble Marian keeps her head, even when her heart is breaking. Marian wasn't perfect by any means, but that only makes her more believable as a strong character, as her imperfections make her only that more understable and relatable to the reader.

Gil for me had me on a see-saw of emotions, from loving him, to hating him, to wanting to beat him up. I thought like Marian he was a Prince Charming in need of rescue, a soul scarred by the events he’s seen. That’s only part of the story that is Gil. There’s a lot going on that isn’t seen and the surprises Kelly gives the reader, not only make scary sense but shake us at the same time as we never saw it coming. Gil was open to all, but narrow in his own views, which causes much heartache later for Marian and his family. Gil needed a major wake-up call. What Marian did wasn’t just for her, but for him more then anything and the family who love him. I agreed for the actions Marian took, and did forgive Gil for his actions as she saw the heartbreaking change he undertook for the better.

This is one of Carla Kelly’s early book and was very rare at one time and thankfully re-issued by Cedar Fort, it’s a truly classic Regency Christmas gem.

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